(Photo courtesy of Klock Werks Facebook)

A reported seven-inches of rain overnight flooded streets and businesses in Mitchell, South Dakota, Wednesday, as a powerful cell swept through the area. Among the businesses hit hard by the storm was Klock Werks Kustom Cycles as three-to-four feet of murky water filled the building. The flooding caused extensive damage, from parts in cardboard boxes waiting to be shipped out to merchandise like Klock Werks’ Dixxon flannels to irreplaceable record-setting and award-winning motorcycles.

“22 years in business and this is heart breaking for all involved. We will rebuild and not only survive but thrive. The grace of God will conquer all things.

It’s not that one doesn’t feel defeated. The last time it was ten inches back in 2010. This is much worse and yet community and friends rallied around us and we built it better and more efficient. May we pray for that same grace. - Brian and Dan,” posted on Klock Werks' Facebook page.

In a separate Facebook video Brian said he’s been inundated by calls, texts and messages from around the country. Watching the initial video of the damage done to Klock Werks’ headquarters was gut-wrenching, and the collective hearts of the motorcycle industry sank yesterday as we watched it. Brian and the Klock Werks team are a beloved fixture in the industry, not only for the great bikes they build and the popular products they make, but for their magnanimous spirit and strength of character.

Local businesses have already begun to rally around their compatriot. Lift Solutions serviced Klock Werks' Toyota forklift so they could start pulling bikes out and haul them to the car wash to blast the gunk off. J&L Harley-Davidson is lending a huge helping hand by having motorcycles hustled over to its dealership so they can drain the fluids, inspect them, and help in the salvage process.

“Joe and Jimmy Entenman and team from J&L Harley-Davidson drove over to pick up 8 bikes and change fluids, drain things and check them over.

We were designed to live in community and that is what is great about where we live and our motorcycle family. Thank you all,” added another Klock Werks' Facebook post.

I bet there’s plenty of others out there who would raise their hand if at some point and time Klock Werks has helped them out. And while Brian has been putting on a brave face, he could use all the help we, the motorcycling community, can provide. Jeff Zielinski and the team at NAMZ has created a Klockwerks Dry Out campaign on GoFundMe. If you’ve ever flirted with the idea of throwing a Flare Windshield on your ride or maybe grabbing a Klock Werks Device Mount for your bars, now’s the time to do so as every little bit helps.

“I just can’t thank you guys enough for chiming in, letting us know you care. We’re gonna make it, this place is going to be better than it’s ever been, we’re gonna make it even cooler for you. Thank you for your support,” said Brian on Facebook.