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Spotify Playlist Essentials for Your Next Road Trip

Jun 28, 2022

Do you listen to music when you ride? If so, we’re interested in hearing your favorites as we’re putting together a Spotify playlist. And if you don’t, but you want to give it a try, I’m going to share my personal favorite playlist.

I went a long period of my riding life without listening to music while I rode motorcycles, but nowadays I would say eight out of 10 rides I have music playing. I think it probably changed when I started doing a fair amount of longer trips. I started listening to music to break up the monotony of the highway miles.

Riding in town, I tend to go without tunes for the sake of being more aware of my surroundings. But out on the highway there is just something a bit magical about having good music in your ears that elevates the level of the riding experience. I do appreciate the occasional ride without tunes. Going a tank or two of fuel without music is a welcome change to let my mind wander a bit on a long ride. But the majority of my rides default to music. There is just something about a great song cranking through the speakers in my helmet while I’m zipping through a canyon that puts everything in perfect perspective.

Last year I even began incorporating music into my off road-rides. At first I wasn’t sure how that would jive with trail riding but as it turns out it works incredibly well. And I really dig the juxtaposition of an odd song while I ride off-road. I tend to throw songs into playlists that don’t exactly sync up with the theme of the playlist. My taste in music is fairly wide-ranging but when the music changes from Red Fangs’ Prehistoric Dog to Barry Manilow’s Copacabana, it makes me giggle. There is something about ripping through the forest while Barry croons about the hottest spot north of Havana that makes me smile in my helmet.

I tend to switch back and forth between wireless headphones and communication systems. I don’t really like having a com system on my off-road helmet because the no-neck frame of my body causes the com unit to inadvertently hit my shoulder. And I don’t mind the earbuds inside my dirt helmet because the threat of on road vehicle traffic is non-existent.  In any case, ripping through trials with Barry Manilow has now become a favorite pastime of mine.

Here’s a handful of my go to tunes both on and off-road. I hope you enjoy Barry as much as I do. We’re going to build more playlists incorporating your suggestions, so share your favorites with us in the comments section.