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J&P Cycles® Heavy-Duty Electronic Ignition Switch

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Description for J&P Cycles® Heavy-Duty Electronic Ignition Switch

• Exact duplicate of the latest style ignition switch

• Updated to the smooth action and super dependability of total electronic switching eliminating the troublesome pole-to-bar contacts found in the original equipment switch

• Highly resistant to vibration and corrosion, the late-style 6-pole terminal pattern is easily adapted to all models with dash mounted switch (except Dyna Wide Glide) from 1936-95

• Includes two reversible keys and both the early and late-style ignition switch caps

Product Specs

Product Specs for J&P Cycles® Heavy-Duty Electronic Ignition Switch

Key Type:
Sold in Units:
Terminal Type:
6-pole terminal
Warehouse Part Number:
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Compatible Models

Harley-Davidson® Models

  • Duo Glide FL : 1958–1964
  • Duo Glide FLF : 1958–1964
  • Duo Glide FLH : 1958–1964
  • Duo Glide FLHF : 1958–1964
  • E : 1936, 1938–1948
  • EL : 1936, 1938–1948
  • Electra Glide Anniversary FLH : 1978
  • Electra Glide Classic FLHC : 1979–1982
  • Electra Glide Classic Side Car FLHCE : 1979–1981
  • Electra Glide Fat Bob FLHFB : 1965–1970
  • Electra Glide FLB : 1965–1970
  • Electra Glide FLBF : 1970
  • Electra Glide FLFB : 1965–1969
  • Electra Glide FLH : 1965–1978, 1981–1984
  • Electra Glide FLH-74 : 1980
  • Electra Glide FLH-80 : 1978–1980
  • Electra Glide FLHB : 1965–1970
  • Electra Glide FLHF : 1965–1975
  • Electra Glide Heritage FLH : 1981
  • Electra Glide Police FLHP : 1981
  • Electra Glide Police FLHP-74 : 1979–1980
  • Electra Glide Police FLHP-80 : 1979–1980
  • Electra Glide Police FLP : 1971–1972, 1974–1975
  • Electra Glide Police FLPF : 1971–1972
  • Electra Glide Special Edition FLHX : 1984
  • Electra Glide Sport FLHS : 1977, 1980–1984
  • ELP : 1949
  • EP : 1949
  • ES : 1936, 1938–1948
  • F : 1942–1948
  • FL : 1941–1948
  • FP : 1949
  • FS : 1941–1948
  • Hydra Glide E : 1949–1950
  • Hydra Glide EL : 1949–1952
  • Hydra Glide ELF : 1952
  • Hydra Glide ELS : 1951–1952
  • Hydra Glide ES : 1949–1950
  • Hydra Glide F : 1949–1950
  • Hydra Glide FL : 1949–1957
  • Hydra Glide FLE : 1953–1956
  • Hydra Glide FLEF : 1953–1956
  • Hydra Glide FLF : 1952–1957
  • Hydra Glide FLH : 1955–1957
  • Hydra Glide FLHF : 1955–1957
  • Hydra Glide FLS : 1951–1952
  • Hydra Glide FS : 1949–1950
  • Low Rider FXSB : 1983
  • Softail Bad Boy FXSTSB : 1995
  • Softail Custom FXSTC : 1986–1995
  • Softail Fat Boy FLSTF : 1990–1995
  • Softail Heritage Classic FLSTC : 1987–1995
  • Softail Heritage FLST : 1986–1990
  • Softail Nostalgia FLSTN : 1993–1995
  • Softail Springer FXSTS : 1988–1995
  • Softail Standard FXST : 1984–1990
  • U : 1937–1948
  • UH : 1937–1941
  • UHS : 1937–1941
  • UL : 1937–1948
  • ULH : 1937–1941
  • US : 1937–1948
  • VD : 1936
  • VDS : 1936
  • VHS : 1936
  • VLD : 1936
  • VLH : 1936
  • Wide Glide FXWG : 1980–1985
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for J&P Cycles® Heavy-Duty Electronic Ignition Switch

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 stars (based on 112 reviews)

5 stars (74)

4 stars (11)

3 stars (6)

2 stars (6)

1 star (5)

0 stars (9)


Works perfectly


A must for Evo none rubber mount engines. They hold up better then the stock switch.


Intermittent internal open circuit. Set it for return. Maybe I just got a bad one.


Fit my 91' Softail Custom without issue. Its pretty easy to turn however (while unlocked), so make sure you keep that in mind.


A summer project...


Second one I've had on the Fatboy in a year. If you wash you're bike it makes this switch fail.

Matt Falsey

The fit was great works great

Matt Falsey

The fit was great works great


Great item. No problems during fitment.


it works just fine!


Worked great


Works perfect.


Very nice

bills harley

fit perfect and works great

bills harley

works great and fit perfect


great deal works great wired fine and fit perfect


Better then the old brass barrel switch


Nothing special here. So far works like the original. No issues.


Good quality and works great!




One screw hits the two light dash plate and shorts out. spacing is wrong. Requires grinding of stock plate or different switch.


Pretty good so far positive locking and no free play time will tell how it stands up to use


good fitment


Good product, arrived quickly, and operates as it should.


Great item !

Larry Compass

Good fit. Fast shipping and excellent customer service.1


Lugs fell off while tightening screws, shorted out system, luckily system reset. Put older original switch back on.


have had to replace three times, only last about one year. I do not understand why original switch lasted 19 years, but these only last a year.


Worked for about 15 months, then shorted out and tried to kill me. Probably the cause of my melted wiring harness and the glowing orange wire next to my gas tank. I replaced it with the old-fashioned brass pole unit. Too many "worked for a while and then didn't" reviews.


Great product. Good price

Way to go ! Works sweet !


good piece


am not impressed attached wires to terminal on switch and whole terminal came off back of switch returning


this does not in anyway fit my bike. i will be sending it back. jp is a great company to do business with they miss the boat on this one though


At installation, this switch worked well. After a month though, it shorted out for some unknown reason.


Product works great. Very easy install. Order came very quick and i will order my parts from J P Cycle again. Thanks


Product works great. Very easy install. Order came very quick and i will order my parts from J P Cycle again. Thanks


Works great!!


got one of these last year had 1000 miles on it maybe left me on the side of the road cheap price but still to much better off getting one from hd cost less then a tow


got one of these last year had 1000 miles on it maybe left me on the side of the road cheap price but still to much better off getting one from hd cost less then a tow


Worked great but wish it would come with spacers for mounting.


Good replacement for my original


Perfect replacement on my '89 FXSTC.


Nice part. Works great.


Awesome part works great will be buying more from you

Don& Sharra

did not last long


Arrived as described worked great


Installed about 1 hour, had to shimmy switch up due to contact touching base plate. Easy install, smooth, works fine.


Lasted 2 yrs on my bike then broke.


Better than stock


Fits perfectly and works great.


The switch is not as tall as the stock one, and had to be shimed up about a 1/4 inch.


to fragile, broke terminal when installing


fit right in


Works great and very easy to install. Recommended for anyone that needs a new ignition switch.

The Cossack

Bad connection on original OEM made me think it was time to replace the whole switch, bought this one, had to morph old switch and this one to get a more reliable switch. Wouldn't recommend this one as reliable. Sorry. Needs to be made in USA with quality #1.


The Quality on this ignition switch leaves alot to be desired. After a couple thousand miles the spring that holds the cover down fell out, then the cover just rattled around making noise for a few thousand miles then fell off altogether. The price wasn't bad, I would have willingly paid more for a quality switch.


I have had 4 diffrent switches they seem to last about 3 to 4 years .have checked out electrical system but it all returns to the switch. It is the closes to OEM you can find on market. Hope this one lasts longer.....:{>


Great part, fit and finsh was excellent, Easy to install, and No issues..Higly recommended.


This switch has already gone bad. I will try the more expensive switch and see if it lasts longer than 2 months


Great Product works better than any other tried so far


Better that I expected


This switch replaced the cheaper version that I had on my old shovel and it works great so far.


Great service and fast delivery.


Switch has a very smooth actuation, and looks good too. You may need a longer terminal screw or two based on how many circuits you have. It would be nice to have a switch circuit diagram, but if you have a simple circuit tester it's easy to figure out how the switch will actually control the power. Overall, very happy with it.


Did not work.

smooth quiet and a positive connection at each terminal . no more glitches when i turn on the lights


Worked perfectly. Shipping was very timely.


same as OEM good quality


Great replacement switch. My bike was down for 2 years and lost keys. This switch was easy to install and works great!

i bought a ignition switch years ago, and i had problems with it day 1,but i came back and ordered another one sence the problems got worst.and this switch is 100% better,thanks


Exact match.


This baby is sweet! Works super good. Smooth and effortless to use! Great item!!!



easy install, I haven't ridden much since installing it but so far so good!!.


good switch for the monoy. clip for cover, hinge, etc all good quality.


Perfect replacement for stock. Would like easier labeling of the terminals with it, but got it figured out and working.


Looks good and works fine so far.


Out of bag, straight on the bike. Now I have illumination perfect.


Work smothly and fit good. There is no more rattle from the key cover.


good product


Feels like it will break or lockup every time you turn it.


Good quality. Smooth action.


Sturdy and installed easy. Highly recommended this product.


Worked perfect and great value!


worked great!


This switch vibrates apart... It cannot be considered "HEAVY DUTY" I have had to replace it twice in 14 months because the terminals become loose and loose contact.


I have now had two of these switches over the past 6 years, so they do fail, needs lubrication from time to time, not much else on the market though for a stock replacement.


My beloved 92 FLSTC would not start at a gas station so I had to walk home and get my truck and trailer and tow it home. I checked everything I knew and thought it was the switch. I found this one for $27.00 so I didn't have much to loose. The switch was easy to install. I took a picture of the setup just in case I missed something. I then unscrewed all the wires, pulled the old switch out, put the new one in, screwed all the wires back in the same place and first try it started and has worked perfect for about a month now!! Highly Recommend this product!!!


Great replacement for Harley switch...perfect fit, new, smooth rid of old, mechanical feel, with problematic contacts,


Nice simple install.


Switch worked fine with smooth operation for about 3 months before it failed. Switch gets one star but J&P gets 5 for the way they took care of me and the problem.

allen in texas

I purchased this switch based on the glowing reviews however, my switch failed 1 year and 8 days after I bought it. Up until then, it was nice thus the one star. J&P has taken care of me in this matter and I am happy for that, but I would not buy this switch again. It's not J&P's fault the switch failed. I give J&P 5 stars.



This product fit without any alterations and works as expected. No Problems.


Very nice.


The switch works great and fast delivery.


Worked but needed additional lubrication to work properly.


I bought this for a friends 1990 H-D Softtail Springer, it was an exact perfect fit and he says that it is working beautifully.


Great replaement - exact stock replacement and easy to install.




works good, came with new screws and two styles of covers (early-modern) no complaints


This is a great switch. moves smoothly and goes from no lights to lights with no jump or hesitation. Love it!


This switch was made a little different than the one that was on my bike but it worked ok. With the cat eye dash mount you have to adjust a lot or the connections will touch.


Smoother than the brass bar old type. Seems to work great so far.


This switch is built really well It was a direct replacement "NO Modifications"


sealed switch works well. price was good. i am happy with this product


Good quality replacement switch at a reasonable price.


Great product, easy to install, good instructions, well worth the money.


Great product. Works fine. Would buy again!


The replacement electronic switch is by far one of the best things you can do for your H-D, if you have one of the old pole switchs and have strange electrical problems. Thanks J&P.

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Once opened, electrical items cannot be returned, except in the case of a manufacturing defect.

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