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J&P Cycles Apparel Sizing

Helmets, leathers, gloves, boots and other safety gear only work as intended if sized properly. Learn how to take your measurements!


Measure the largest portion of your head by wrapping a cloth tape measure horizontally around your head approximately one inch above your eyebrows and ears. If your head size is between two helmet sizes, first try the smaller size. A Helmet should fit snugly. You should not be able to move the helmet easily from side to side and up and down without moving your head with the chin strap fastened. If it is not snug, it is too big for you. Try a size smaller. Be aware that different helmets fit different head shapes.

Jackets, Shirts, Pants and Suits

It is best to have someone help you take your measurements for a jacket, shirt, pants, or a suit. Stand straight with your feet roughly six inches apart. Take all measurements from the same side of the body. Don't confuse European and American sizes. Be sure to check the brand’s size chart for the U.S. size equivalent before ordering. For example, a U.S. size 46 jacket is a European size 56. European clothing sizes are typically 10 higher than the U.S. size.


With your arm slightly bent, measure from your neck bone, over your shoulder and elbow, to your wrist bone. This is also called Center Back (CB) Sleeve length.


Measure the largest total circumference of your chest. Keeping the tape parallel to the floor, measure from under your arm pits and across your breast bone and back with your arms relaxed.


Bend to one side while standing in front of a mirror. Your natural waist is where your body creases. Relax and keep the tape measure parallel with the floor while measuring around your natural waist line.


Measure the total circumference at your hip’s largest point. Keep tape measure parallel to the floor, and relax when taking measurement.


Stand straight and relax while measuring the total length of the inside seam from your crotch to your ankle.


Measure the length of the outside seam from your waist to your ankle.

Center Back (CB) Length

Measurement from your neck bone, down your spine to your waist.


Boots are sized in typical US measurements. If you usually wear a half size, order the next size larger for boots that are only offered in full sizes.


Measure the circumference around your dominant hand across your palm and just behind your knuckles without including your thumb. If the measured size of your hand is in between sizes of the gloves that interest you, choose the size larger for a loose fit and the smaller size if you like a tighter fit. Remember that leather gloves break in and stretch after some use.

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