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Best Long-Distance Motorcycle Touring Seats

Jul 28, 2020

It doesn’t take more than a couple hours to know the pressure points of your motorcycle seat really, really well. You don’t have to be an Iron Butt rider to appreciate the merits of a properly padded seat. But if, by chance, laying down 1,000 miles in 24 hours is your thing, then you definitely know that a good motorcycle touring seat makes a world of difference on long-distance rides. It allows you to ride further without stopping and just makes for an overall more comfortable, more enjoyable experience.

Here are some of the best motorcycle seats for long-distance riding.

Saddlemen Road Sofa PT Pillow Top.

Saddlemen Road Sofa PT Pillow Top Seat (Product Number 804-963)

Saddlemen had me at Road Sofa and Pillow Top. A pillow top motorcycle seat? Talk about spoiled. Both rider and passenger seats feature Saddlemen’s proprietary Gelcore Technology, engineered to “dampen, divert, and deflect energy through a mechanical process.” The Saddlemen Road Sofa PT Pillow Top Seat provides lumbar support for the rider. Then there’s the classic pillow top design. If you plan on doing some long distance motorcycle touring, why not do it on a pillow top?

Mustang Heated Super Touring Seat with Driver Backrest.

Mustang Heated Super Touring Seat Plain with Driver Backrest (Product Number 224-045)

The Mustang Heated Super Touring Seat with Driver Backrest not only spoils both rider and passenger with premium comfort, it also changes up the rider’s triangle a bit. The seat is 1.75” further back than a stock seat and is a bit lower to boot. The rider has their own detachable backrest and both passenger and rider have their own set of controls to the heated seats. If you’ve never experienced the luxury of a heated seat on a cold ride before, you’re missing out.

Mustang One-Piece Wide Studded Touring Seat.

Mustang One-Piece Wide Studded Touring Seat (Product Number 800-768)

Chrome studs, conchos, and leather are a timeless trio. For riders out there who love a classic look but still put down the miles, Mustang’s One-Piece Wide Studded Touring Seat has a full skirt with braided edge trim to complete the classic looks of this motorcycle seat. The seat is deep and wide and comes with a well-padded passenger seat, too. The passenger pad has been designed so it gives the riders a little additional back support.

La Pera Kickflip Basket Weave 2-Up Seat.

Le Pera Kickflip Basket Weave 2-Up Seat (Product Number 220-3598)

Some riders concept of touring is different. While you might not think of a Dyna as a touring motorcycle, I know plenty of peeps who don’t hesitate to pack there’s down and hit the road. Le Pera’s “marathon foam” provides a comfortable perch aboard its Kickflip Basket Weave 2-Up Seat. The classic Kickflip shape is a favorite for those who prefer their motorcycles on its edges. Top-grade black vinyl means the Le Pera Kickflip Basket Weave should last for many riding seasons. Who claims you can’t tour on a Dyna?

Saddlemen Road Sofa Deluxe Touring Seat with Driver Backrest.

Saddlemen Road Sofa Deluxe Touring Seat with Driver Backrest (Product Number ZZ83019)

Saddlemen offers a version of its popular Road Sofa with a driver backrest as well. Both passenger and rider saddles are wide and smoothly contoured. The Split Cushion design separates lumbar support from the forward seat cushion so each compresses independently which Saddlemen says helps reduce tailbone and hipbone pressure. Saddlemen Road Sofas are available in several cover materials and with or without SaddleGel.

Maybe you like your motorcycle seat enough that you don’t want to swap it out entirely but could still benefit for a little more cush for your tush. A motorcycle air cushion might be just what you’re looking for.

AirHawk Cruiser R Large Seat Cushion.

The AirHawk Cruiser R Large Seat Cushion (Product Number 212-646) is like riding on air. No, literally. The cushion is comprised of interconnected air cells designed to distribute a rider’s weight evenly and reduce vibrations. The seat cover is breathable, too, so it should stay cooler on hot rides.

Wild Ass Smart Design Lite Air Cushion Pad.

Or you can opt for the Wild Ass Smart Design Lite Air Cushion Pad (Product Number 755-070). Wild Ass says its seat cushion is made of lightweight polyurethane and “reduces painful pressure points, promotes circulation, reduces heat and moisture builidup, and reduces shock and vibration better than any other low-cost comfort product on the market.” Sounds like the gauntlets have been thrown down. Both Wild Ass and AirHawk air cushions are good products that could make long-distance motorcycle touring much more comfortable for a nominal price.