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BMW halts U.S. motorcycle sales

Sep 20, 2023

BMW has told its U.S. dealers to halt all sales of both new and used motorcycles, except for the electric CE 04 scooter.

Multiple dealer principals, personnel, and would-be BMW motorcycle customers have confirmed to Common Tread staff that the halt took effect yesterday. I contacted BMW yesterday to request a comment and clarification, but have not yet received a response. I will update this story if we get any official word from BMW.

Editor's note: Update, October 2, 2023. Over the weekend, BMW lifted the stop sale order after determining there was no quality issue with the materials and components in question, according to a statement from BMW.

Some dealers took a more proactive stance and informed customers via social media, such as this Facebook posting by the popular, 60-year-old Hermy's BMW dealer in Port Clinton, Pennsylvania.

Facebook post by Hermy's BMW announcing sales halt
Image from Hermy's BMW Facebook page.

Most of the dealer personnel contacted by Common Tread staff said they had very little information to go on but understood that a problem related to the emissions system caused the voluntary order to halt sales. A second bulletin issued to dealers today said the company was investigating a problem with a "material used in a component of its motorcycle evaporative system." Since the issue is not a safety item, owners can continue to ride their BMWs without concern.

The discussion thread on the ADVrider forum on the topic is already five pages long, including one sad story of a customer who has been waiting more than eight years to get back into motorcycling and went to his dealer to pick up his BMW yesterday, only to find out that the wait will be even longer.

I could speculate a lot further about this unusually wide-ranging halt on sales, but I prefer to speculate only when I have a foundation of facts to build on, and right now that's not the case. I'll provide updates as they are available.