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How to Add Bluetooth to a Motorcycle Helmet

Jul 24, 2020

Never mounted a motorcycle Bluetooth system inside your helmet? No worries, J&P Cycles has you covered. Whether you have a full-face, ¾, or half shell, the basic installation is going to be primarily the same, the major difference being placement of the microphone.

For this demonstration, we used a Sena 30K Bluetooth Helmet Communication device. See the process in the video and read the steps below.

How to Install Bluetooth in a Motorcycle Helmet

1. Place either a helmet donut or rolled up bath towel beneath your helmet so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged while you’re working with it.

2. Locate the seam between the helmet shell and interior liner.

3. Locate your baseplate. Sometimes it’s already connected to the Bluetooth unit. If so, separate the two and set the unit aside.

4. Slip mounting plate in seam between helmet and interior liner.

Adjustable boom mics are good for open-face helmets.

5. Before installing Bluetooth unit, pay attention to the ports on the back. Some Bluetooth communication systems have interchangeable headphones and microphones. Standard, adjustable boom microphones are good for open-face, ¾, and modular helmets. Stationary microphones work well with full-face helmets.

6. Plug microphone and speakers into unit.

7. Attach baseplate to mounting plate. For the Sena 30K, this consisted of two screws.

8. Mount sticky side of Velcro strip (supplied) to chinbar. This is for your microphone.

Tip — Mics don’t have to be directly in front of your mouth to work in case there’s a chinbar vent in the way.

9. Attach microphone to Velcro. Don’t worry about excess wire. It will be routed under cheekpads.

10. Remove cheekpads. Most helmets these days come with small recesses for helmet comm speakers.

11. Mount sticky side of Velcro strip in center of recess.

12. Attach speaker with Velcro.

13. Do the same process for the other side.

14. Remove helmet liner and tuck excess speaker wire underneath. This will give you a clean look.

16. Replace helmet liner.

17. Tuck extra microphone wire under cheekpad.

18. Snap cheekpads back in.

19. With microphone and speakers installed, flip helmet back around and check baseplate to make sure it stayed in the right place.

20. Attach Bluetooth unit. Make sure it’s charged 100% before doing so.