Whenever it comes time for J&P Cycles to give away a motorcycle, it’s a foregone conclusion in my mind that it can’t be a stock bike. Because stock bikes are lame and we sell literally thousands of parts to make them better than their lame stock appearance. So it stands to reason that if we’re gonna partner with the Buffalo Chip and GEICO to give away a bike during the 81st Sturgis Rally, it should be a custom bike.

But when you start with a brand new bike, you really can't go completely buck wild with the modifications., I generally try to enhance what is already there, in this particular case taking the format of Harley’s 2020 Street Bob and running with it a bit. To me, Harley was trying to keep a bit of an “old school” look with gauges tucked into the handlebar clamp, the rubber fork shrouds and the narrower rear tire. So we leaned into that stylistically a little and came up with a custom bike that can really put down miles.

I didn’t get too crazy with the powertrain because I didn’t need to. The M8 motors are pretty snappy from the factory; they just need a little uncorking. S&S Cycle is the perfect brand for that uncorking job. They have a long history of making power with V-twin power-plants so I turned to them for some extra horsepower. I just wanted to get the air in and out of the motor a bit quicker and let the bike breath a bit to get a few more ponies to the rear wheel. I used a S&S mini teardrop intake to keep the classic looks of the Street Bob while giving us a free flowing and serviceable air filter. To get the air out in a similar fashion I paired the intake with a set of S&S Grand National mufflers. I really liked the look of the stock headers and the mufflers added the sound and extra punch I was looking for. An added bonus is that both the intake and exhaust are 50 state legal upgrades.

S&S Cycle are the purveyors of v-twin horsepower and they came through with a 50 state legal combo that worked perfectly for this build.

Lighting is one of those things I really like to keep hidden until it needs to be seen and then I really want it to be seen. On the front signals, I used a set of Custom Dynamics Wrap Around LED signals. Installing these can be a little more involved than a standard signal swap due to having to take the fork legs off, but the payoff is worth it. What you end up with is a super bright set of front signals that virtually fade away when they aren’t in use. In the back, I was a bit more concerned with shrinking the lighting down. The rear signals double as the taillights so I didn’t want to make them smaller but I did want them to be brighter, so I dropped in a set of Custom Dynamics LED inserts for a super bright tail light and turn signal combo.

Slick LED signals clean up the look of the bike while adding visibility when you need it.

My overall vision for the bike was to be show and go, a bike that would look classic Harley-Davison but still be able to put down miles. To me, the classic HD stance is low and mean, but that always doesn’t always provide the best ride on the road. So to help me get the best of both worlds, I put a set of Legends Air-A suspension on the rear of the bike. That way it can be slammed down for that low look and raised up and adjusted for that perfect ride when you’re putting down miles.

Legends air suspensions give us options for adjusting the stance and the handling of our machine.

The controls on a bike really help to finish off the stance and complete the overall look. I was keeping my classic HD look in mind as I opted for a narrower set of LA Choppers bars that still kept things comfortable but narrowed the front end up a bit. I turned to Biltwell for a set of OG Kung Fu grips and Norman pegs and topped it all off with a clean little utility mirror. Out back, I added a detachable sissy bar from Cobra USA. In keeping with my classic style and road worthy theme, this sissy bar is perfect for packing on luggage but easily clips right off when you want to cruise your favorite downtown main street.

For the final finishing touch I shipped all the sheet metal off to Scott Takes at Underground Art for a one-off paint job. And, per usual, he crushed it. After kicking things around a bit, Scott came up with a gold-and-red, metal-flake paint job with an insane amount of design in it that perfectly complements the bike’s black finishes and old school look. Nothing completes a custom built bike quite like a mind blowing paint job.

Scott Takes laid down some flake and intricate design work to finish out this custom Street Bob.

The best part about this whole build is it could be all yours for the low low price of free. Head over to www.jpcycles.com/win and you could find yourself on the stage of the Legendary Buffalo Chip during the 81st Sturgis Rally getting handed the keys to this brand new custom motorcycle! No purchase necessary. Just enter to win and come to the Sturgis Rally. It's a win-win!