God knows, when you come out to the Sturgis Rally you are going to be inundated with places to go and things to do. It’s sensory overload for bikers looking for a good time. So we decided to give you a list of our favorite places to ride to help with your decision making process. A lot of them aren’t exactly secrets but must-do’s nevertheless.

10) Pactola Reservoir

If you’ve been to the area you have probably driven past (or over) the Pactola Reservoir. But I encourage you to stop and check it out. You could pop in to the welcome center or park for a bit, hike a trail or jump off the pedestrian bridge for a quick dip to cool off.

9) Bear Butte State Park

Bear Butte is a known selfie spot for sure, but if you’re up for a good hike this is the spot for you. The hike isn’t exactly for beginners. It’s a few miles long and 1000 feet of elevation gain, so pack some water and snacks and you will be rewarded with spectacular views.

8) Badlands National Park

It’s not exactly “in” Sturgis but if you’re in town for the rally it’s a worthy day trip to go check out an alien-looking landscape. You will be treated to a great ride through the Badlands with plenty of places to stop, hike, see some of the local critters and take pics.

7) Custer State Park

Another great destination to ride to especially if you’re into wildlife. The bison herd is spectacular and the antelope, deer, mountain goats and donkeys (yes donkeys) will keep you on your toes as you cruise the wildlife loop. Not that this needs to be said but...DO NOT APPROACH THE WILDLIFE! Getting that perfect selfie with a bison could quickly turn into a trip to the ER. They are wild animals, and will behave as such.

If you love wildlife, a ride through Custer State Park is a must! 

6) Mount Rushmore

Seems like a no-brainer but it obviously makes the list. One of America's best monuments is more than just a stop on the side of the road. Make sure you go explore the trail that wraps around the monument and take in some real American history. The town of Keystone is only a few miles down the road and makes for a good lunch stop with some shopping.

5) Main Street Sturgis, SD

If you are coming to the rally you have to visit iconic Main Street in Sturgis. I recommend planning it into the second half of your day. Parking can be tricky but the J&P Cycles store is only a few blocks down, so feel free to park with us (for free) and walk down and get your party on.

The J&P Cycles Sturgis retail store is ready and waiting to hook you up with anything a motorcyclist might need. 

4) J&P Cycles Store

Of course, we are biased with this one but the J&P Cycles store is an entire city block right smack in the middle of Sturgis located between Main and Lazelle streets that commands your attention. If you need an emergency part or are just looking for a new bag, jacket or helmet we have you covered. It's a veritable candy store for motorcyclists that you should check out.

3) Needles Highway

Called “The Impossible Highway,” Needles is well-known for its twists, turns, and tunnels. It features amazing views of more other-worldly landscape and culminates with the Eye of the Needle at the top of the road. If you make the Custer State Park stop you will be in a perfect position to ride Needles.

2) Spearfish Canyon

A well-traveled canyon located just up the road from Sturgis in Spearfish, SD. The canyon is not only an awesome 17 miles of sweeping turns but has several trails to hike and a few waterfalls to check out. Bridal Veil falls comes up a few miles into the canyon coming from the Spearfish side and has plenty of parking and a nice viewing deck. I recommend taking the gravel road turn-off in Savoy and going down to Roughlock Falls. It's a quick hike with easy access and good spots to chill out. Spearfish Falls is nearby behind the Latchstring restaurant and worth the half-mile hike.

Iron Mountain Road is curvalicious! 

1) Iron Mountain Road

Probably my favorite road in the area, Iron Mountain Road features a series of pigtail bridges and switchback turns that will test your riding skill but is a definite must-do as it is one of the best roads in the country. At the top of the road take a break at Norbeck Overlook for an incredible view. The road is easily accessible just outside Keystone, SD, and ties in nicely to Needles for the ultimate ride.