If you’re looking to get into motorcycling, the gateway is wide open because there’s some great entry-level motorcycles on the market right now at attractive price points. Heck, you don’t even have to be a newbie, you could just be looking to add a second bike to the stable for tooling around town on or you might be in need of a commuter. We scoured the internet and came up with a list of fun and affordable new motorcycles that ring in under $5,000.

2020 KTM 200 Duke  $3,999

Count us among those who were glad KTM brought this little ripper Stateside. The 200 Duke is a lightweight, peppy little Single with a sweet trellis frame and a streetfighter stance. For a fraction under $4k you get a WP Apex 43mm inverted fork and a linkless, preload-adjustable WP monoshock in back. Dual-channel ABS is standard fare, and the system can even be turned off on the rear if so desired. At $3,999, it’s the cheapest motorcycle on the list, but still offers plenty of single-cylinder bang for the buck.

2020 Honda Rebel 300  $4,499

Confession time. One of the first motorcycles I rode was a buddy’s 1985 Honda Rebel 250. Squirrelly, gutless little thing, but when you’re itching to learn to ride, it was ideal. Luckily, the 2020 Honda Rebel 300 doesn’t look or act anything like the old Rebel.

The updated Rebel 300 looks much sportier, handles better, and has more power than that old classic I rode. Toss a low seat height, comfy riding position, and Honda’s signature smoothness into the equation and you’ve got the little Rebel that could. For 2020 Honda added an assist and slipper clutch. You've come a long way, little Rebel.

2021 Yamaha TW200  $4,699

Never heard of the TW? You’re missing out. Tons of funs to be had on Yamaha’s TW200.

Look at the tires on this thing, they’ll tell you all you need to know about this motorcycle. Yamaha’s fat-tired dual-sporter is street legal so you can ride it to your favorite fire road, then keep on truckin’ when the pavement ends. Between its big tires and generous amounts of travel, the TW200 is a two-wheeled tractor, built to plow over some stuff with just enough torque to get 'ir done.

2020 BMW G 310 R  $4,945

A new BMW for less than five-grand? Yup, the 2020 BMW G 310 R is only $4,945. This spunky little roadster puts out a claimed 34 hp at 9,500 rpm and 21 lb-ft. of torque at 7,500 rpm. The single cylinder of the 313cc engine tilts rearward and the cylinder head has been rotated 180°,  lowering its center of gravity and moving it slightly more forward. At just under 350 pounds fully fueled, the lightweight motorcycle turns in quick, is easy to handle, and comes with ABS, attributes a new rider can benefit from.

2021 Ninja 400 (non-abs) $4,999

Talk about bang for your buck, the 2021 Ninja 400 with its Parallel Twin engine and sportbike genetics make its performance unbeatable in this bunch. A big 310mm petal disc anchors the front while the rear rocks a petal as well. The 2021 Ninja 400 has an assist & slipper clutch and ABS, an Eco riding mode to maximize efficiency, and comes with Kawasaki’s Ergo Fit where the handlebar, foot controls and seat are all adjustable. Thanks to bodywork reminiscent of the formidable H2, the Ninja 400 looks the part, too.

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan $4,999

At $4,999, the 2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan is a solid do-it-all motorcycle. Royal Enfield’s little adventurer churns out an easily manageable 24.3 horsepower @ 6,500 rpm and 23.6 lb-ft of torque a little above 4,000 rpm. A sturdy telescopic fork and a hydraulic rear monoshock provide the Himalayan with a generous 8.6 inches of ground clearance. A crash bar cradling the tank and a factory RE skid plate will be forgiving of a newbie rider’s learning curve in the dirt.

New for 2021, Royal Enfield made its ABS switchable and revamped the rear brake mechanism because its first gen brakes weren’t the best. Kudos to Royal Enfield for making a fun-to-ride factory dual-sport motorcycle with a price point below $5K.

Cheapest Motorcycles Honorable Mention –

2020 Honda Grom $3,399

Motorcycles are supposed to be fun, and you can’t help but have fun when you’re Grommin’ it! This little 125 has exceeded all sales expectations for Honda and has spurred a furious following of loyal riders to boot. Granted, you won’t be hitting the highway on these little rippers, but you can do a bang-up job of terrorizing city streets!

2020 KTM RC 390 $5,549

Sharp like a scalpel, racy and revvy, at $5,549 the KTM RC 390 just missed out on making the list. MotoAmerica built a race series around this bike, a tell-tale sign of its capabilities.