By Bryan Rastok

Sena Momentum INC-PRO

The Details - The high-tech Sena Momentum INC-Pro Smart Helmet takes all the gadgets hanging off your helmet or on the handlebar and packs them neatly inside. Riders can control their music, phone calls, the built-in camera or intercoms with the simplistic 3-button system. The system can be customized through an app, from camera settings to recording quality. You can also choose what you'd like it to record, be it the music you're listening to or your own narration. The Momentum INC Pro works well with GPS applications, even integrating with systems built into touring motorcycles. Riders can still listen to their music or talk on the phone while getting voice-over directions.  The Sena Momentum INC-Pro is equipped with Intelligent Noise Control and Ambient Mode designed to block out annoying road noise while still allowing riders to hear what they'd like to hear.

• 20 hr. talk time

• Pairs up to 8 riders

• 1 mile range

• Records 60 frames-per-second with HD 1080p

• 2 hr video loop recording

• Voice Commands. Just say "Hey Sena!" and control all of your Bluetooth features without taking your hands off the bars

• Advanced noise control

• FM radio

• Composite fiberglass shell

• Scratch resistant shield

• Pinlock ready

• Removable & washable liner

• D.O.T. approved

Road Tested Review - When it comes to computer tech, I'm still hoarding water in preparation for Y2K or the Skynet takeover and when asked to review this helmet I thought "Great, another gimmick-disguised helmet that under-performs." However, knowing that it was from Sena and the fact that they make pretty rad Bluetooth systems, I figured I would hold off any prejudices until I got it on the road. I rumbled around for roughly three hours (not a bad day in the "office"), splitting my time between back roads and busy highways. The first hour I didn't even mess with the tech, I wanted to judge this helmet as a helmet. Hour two was spent manipulating the buttons and gathering video and audio. The third and final hour was spent at highway speeds, testing the Momentum INC-Pro's aerodynamics, wind noise and noise control feature. Here is what I found.

With so many features, Sena's convenient quick start guide made life easy while cruising along. We jest, of course, but the quick start guide is handy. 

Hour one - Fit and Helmet Performance

  • Fit - I wear a medium in most brands and found the Sena helmet fits in line with my Arai that I wear daily (Corsair X). Knowing that I had the honor to christen this thing, the fit was snug but not too tight, almost as if it was already broken in. After several hours of riding, it never gave me any hot spots or discomfort. The liner is soft and the material was comfortable right out of the box. Between the way the padding conformed to my features to the plushness of the materials, it's all-day comfortable.
  • Knowing this helmet had speakers built in, I was interested to see if I could feel the speakers against my ears. Fortunately it was non-issue as Sena has added plush cups that form around your ear. I also want to note that Sena offers different size ear pads to further customize the fit. The liner is good at wicking sweat away and is easy to remove if washing's needed.
  • Weight - I get it, the helmet has a lot of "extras" when compared to any ordinary lid, and while I give Sena credit on their execution, it is still heavy. Is it too heavy? That depends. I think if you are accustomed to introductory level full-face helmets or modular styled helmets, this will feel no different (which is a bonus considering all the extra features). If you are comparing to other premium $600+ helmets, or have neck issues, then yes, it's on the heavy side.
  • Vents - When designing a helmet, manufacturers have to make a choice: ventilation or noise control. Because the main effort of Sena is Bluetooth communications they went with the latter, noise control. That said, the limited vents on this helmet work well and are strategic in design. The vent on the brow may not look like much, but it channels air through five large cutouts inside. The chinbar vent is channeled as well and allows fresh air to vent upwards toward the visor instead of right into your mouth. The fresh air vents are combined with a large exhaust vent on the top-rear of the helmet to aid in cooling. Both vents are very easy to manipulate and have positive "on/off" feel.

Hour Two - Gizmos and Gadgets

  • Camera - Being tech-opposed, I looked at this helmet and thought to myself that I would need a damn NASA degree to learn how to use it. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the Sena Momentum INC-Pro is Barney sing-a-long easy to use. The camera operates off of one button and even gives you voice commands when it is on, off, starting recording and stopping recording. It gave me complete confidence in knowing what was happening, since there is no visual identifiers. The button on top is easy to locate and push. The port for the SD card is in the rear of the camera and that's it. Stupid easy.
Still with setting at HD1080p 60FPS
  • The camera shoots HD1080p or Quad HD 1440p and the frame rate is adjusted through the app. The app is helpful and can even act as a remote that shows you on your phone what the camera is recording, in real time. The image quality is good, but not class-leading. It can be best compared to early gen GoPros.
  • Communication and Audio - The camera is a nice touch, but this helmet is going to be judged by the masses based on its Bluetooth communication ability. Sena makes it real easy to connect to your phone and with a three button setup (+,*,-) it is easy to navigate. I tried this out several ways: listened to music, listened to my GPS, and made a phone call. The volume, for me, stayed somewhere in the middle as the speakers in this thing get loud. Audio was crisp and the volume was plenty, not much more to ask for. I only scratched the surface of phone functionality but whether I was skipping tracks or dialing out, the three button setup and voice commands were all I needed and were easy to use.
  • The microphone is built-in and well hidden in the chin bar. It took me my second try-out with this helmet to realize I didn't need to use my death metal scream for it to register. It took some getting used to, but a casual "indoor" voice is all that's needed to come across both loud and clear. I had a full phone conversation while riding without the person on the other end even knowing that I was on a motorcycle. In fact, there was no indication I was riding until I was hard on the throttle and the exhaust was really opened up.

Hour Three - Highway Cruising

  • Aerodynamics/Noise- Wind noise is an effect of aerodynamics so it's appropriate to speak to both at the same time. The Sena Momentum INC-Pro is quiet. I always wear earplugs when I ride, and for the sake of testing this helmet I chose to leave the earplugs at home to give it a fair shake. The way the internal padding cups your ears really aids in keeping the wind noise down. The liner seals very well around the neck and with a removable insert, the chin. This seal keeps any extra air from coming into the helmet around your ears. The overall shape of the helmets helps, too. The shell of the Momentum INC-Pro has built-in molding acting as spoilers to help guide the airflow smoothly around the helmet. Even the camera at the top of the helmet is teardrop shaped to aid in aero. I never broke 85 mph, but at reasonable speeds there was no buffeting and little wind noise. I will note that the camera, however well shaped it is, does produce some drag. It's slight, but there.
  • The Sena Momentum INC-Pro has two unique functions, Intelligent Noise Control (INC) and Ambient Mode. Ambient mode allows the wearer to clearly hear their surroundings when needed without removing the helmet. INC protects the rider's hearing by reducing low frequency sounds such as wind noise and high frequency sounds like emergency sirens or car horns. Just make sure to hit the right button. I accidentally hit the ambient mode while doing 80+ and was attacked by amplified wind noise.

Final thoughts

This is the best example on the market for a helmet that has Bluetooth and a built-in camera. On top of recording your singing demos, I think vloggers will really find a home for this as well as those who like the "insurance" of having a constant looping video feed of their daily commute.

As a helmet, it rates well in venting and aerodynamics. The safety rating meets DOT standards and is a bit on the heavy side. Comfort really lifts the Momentum INC-Pro's grade as it felt great from first try-on to hours down the road. Strictly as a helmet, I put this in line with most mid-range models on the market. Having a Pinlock shield is another A+ in my book as it provides a great fog-free experience. My only hope is that Sena comes out with a transitional shield for this. Pretty please?

The camera is easy-to-use and the fact that it can record a two hour video loop makes it great for commuting. The camera shoots decent HD 1080p images at 60 fps. There are cameras that shoot with clearer resolution on the market, but this one works well recording clear, stable and easy to capture video. One of its benefits though is the way the camera's integrated sleekly into the design of the helmet and doesn't hang off or require any mounting hardware.

Bluetooth is Sena's bread and butter, and the comm system in the Momentum INC-Pro is another prime example. The speakers go as loud as you'll ever need and it has a built-in microphone that you don't need to scream at to be heard. The buttons and voice commands make it very user-friendly. Combine all of this with a mile range intercom, crystal clear phone calls and sharp music pumping in and it's easy to decipher where this helmet excels.

The final thought is combining everything I talked about and pricing it out. What would it cost to get a decent helmet? $250. What about an intercom? Another $250. Okay, what about a mid-range camera? $300. That's $800 right there and that's on the low end. The Sena Momentum INC-Pro combines everything you need in a comfortable, sleek design that has industry-leading communication tech. Combine this with an easy-to-use, integrated HD camera and this should satisfy all your motorcycle helmet tech needs for a lower price than piecing everything together.