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Vance & Hines Motorcycle Exhaust Styles

Vance & Hines has many Motorcycle styles to make your ride the best for you.  Sometimes its difficult to decide on a specific motorcycle exhaust so we are going to help define a few thing for you to help with your Vance and Hines Motorcycle Exhaust choice

Van & Hines Slip-On motorcycle mufflers- There are many different options for slip on exhaust.  The key to remember is that when ordering a set of Vance & Hines Slip on motorcycle exhaust you will be using part of the original equipement, or for touring models you can choose to upgrade the head pipes with a new set of Vance & Hines Head pipes that will help performance, as well as style some options include: Oversized 450 Slip Ons, Eliminator 400 Slip Ons, to the most popular Twin Slash Slip On, V&H has a set of Slip ons for your style, performance, and quality you demand.

Vance & Hines Head Pipes – Head pipes are the part of the motorcycle exhaust that connect directly to your cylinder heads.  The design of the head pipes has changed over the years to meet demands for performance, sound, and more recently government regulations.  Most head pipes from Vance & Hines come as a complete unit, but separate Head Pipes can be chosen for your Harley Touring model. When your getting a set of Slip On exhaust for your touring model, make sure you upgrade the limiting stock Head pipes.  When adding a set of Power Duals you are upgrading your exhaust from the engine all the way through the mufflers.  Great part about this upgrade is you get to choose the combination, you choice of head pipes and slip ons. 

Vance & Hines Full exhaust system- Full exhaust systems provides all exhaust parts you need in a motorcycle exhaust in one kit, you choose from 2 into 2 complete exhaust systems, 2 into 1 complete exhaust systems, Competition series, Super Radius, Big Radius, Big Shots, Sideshots, Longshots, Shortshots.  Your Choice in Vance & Hines Motorcycle Exhaust can be filled at J&P Cycles.

Vance & Hines California Regulation Notice

C.A.R.B. stands for California Air Resources Board.  Vance & Hines and J&P Cycles follows the regulations the state of California has listed on the emissions for California Motorcycle riders.

“No person shall install, sell, offer for sale, or advertise any device, apparatus, or mechanism intended for use with, or as a part of, a required motor vehicle pollution control device or system that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control device or system.

In most cases, the sale and use of emissions related aftermarket parts on motorcycles is prohibited unless it is either a "Replacement Part" or is a “Add-on or Modified Part” that has received an exemption by the Executive Officer of the Air Resources Board (ARB), such as an Executive Order.”

Vance & Hines has partnered with J&P Cycles to make sure we only sell California Approved Motorcycle Exhaust to California residents.  You will see this process when you enter your motorcycle when selecting a part.  If the part is not approved then you will be notified that J&P Cycles  cannot ship the part to California.


Why Choose Vance & Hines Motorcycle Exhaust

Vance & Hines is an American aftermarket motorcycle performance parts manufacture with factories in California and Indiana.  Since 1979 Vance & Hines has been making aftermarket motorcycle exhaust, and since then the company has been testing, racing, winning, and leading the motorcycle exhaust world.  They have style in many shapes and offer multiple finishes, chrome, black, and stainless steel on many exhausts.  Vance and Hines are innovators in the motorcycle exhaust world.  Harley develops new motorcycles every year, and Vance and Hines is always testing and developing new and better components to fit those Harley’s.  One example of iniquity is the Super Bung, this allows both 12mm & 18mm O2 sensors to be used on the same motorcycle exhaust.  This eliminates the need to weld on a bung when upgrading to a wide band or narrow band O2 sensor system.  Additionally almost all Vance & Hines Exhaust come with full coverage heat shields, no more unsightly bluing, and the added benefit of a fuller, more substantial exhaust system.

 Keys to the Best Vance & Hines Motorcycle Exhaust

Some of the most important things to consider when selection for your Vance & Hines motorcycle exhaust come down to you the rider.  They include Fitment, Style, and Performance.

Van & Hines Fitment- Every Vance & Hines motorcycle exhaust has been assigned fitment.  This helps in your selection of the correct part for your specific ride.  The fitment for each motorcycle exhaust has been designed and tested by Vance & Hines to fit specific bikes.  As riders you know that the most important part of an aftermarket exhaust is that it fits your specific ride.  By selecting your ride you can be assured that you are getting the correct part for your bike.

Van & Hines Style- Vance & Hines style appeals to everyone, V&H has a set of pipes for your ride.  Want your touring model to look a little sleeker, choose a Super Radius 2 into 2 Exhaust system, want to make you bike sound a bit better, choose a set of slip on mufflers.  Like the classic look of Fishtails, Vance & Hines has your motorcycle exhaust needs covered.

Performance- The key to motorcycle exhaust and performance is making sure your bike has the right air to fuel ratio.  Too much of either will cause your ride to perform poorly, and in some cases not even run.  Vance & Hines has taken the guess work out of getting the most from your Exhaust upgrade.  In 2005 they introduced the Fuelpack, and more recently 2014, followed up with the introduction of the FP3  The FP3 takes all the guess work out to what is needed to get you bike running in second flat.  The programing of this device is completely done with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection.  No wires to mess around with, no need to have it dyno tuned for an additional fee.  The ease of use of the FP3 has won it multiple industry awards, and can be used on all Harleys from 2007-present, including a version for California residents needing to meet CARB requirements.

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