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Kuryakyn ISO Grip Set with Throttle Boss

J&P Cycles Part Number: 500-153

Manufacturer Part Number: 6212

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Description for Kuryakyn ISO Grip Set with Throttle Boss

• Comfort meets style with the Kuryakyn ISO-Grip with the ISO-Throttle Boss

• The uniquely designed cushion of the ISO-Grip reduces vibrations in your hands, while the strategically placed ISO-Throttle Boss helps reduce the cramping that comes from gripping the throttle over extended miles and hours

• Kuryakyn ISO-Grips with the ISO-Throttle Boss have removable end caps, enabling these grips to be used with stock air reservoir type handlebars

• This set of Kuryakyn ISO-Grips with the ISO-Throttle Boss will not work on motorcycles using a throttle-by-wire (TBW) application

• A throttle tube is included with the Kuryakyn ISO-Grips

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Product Specs for Kuryakyn ISO Grip Set with Throttle Boss

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews for Kuryakyn ISO Grip Set with Throttle Boss

Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (based on 244 reviews)

5 stars (215)

4 stars (22)

3 stars (4)

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0 stars (1)


Very comfortable, good look and quality


The handle grips I purchased are very comfortable and the Throttle Boss makes a long ride even more comforable! Thanks


Very easy to install and very comfortable.


These really helped with the vibration on my Sportster.


More expensive than Cramp Busters but looks many times better and adds looks to the bike. I have a set on each of my 4 bikes (3 Harley's and a Gold Wing). Can't imagine riding without the grips. Helps relax both hands not just the one with the wrist extension that eases pressure on your throttle hand. Works great even when you have Cruise Control and doesn't interferre with throttle operation.


While I have only put on about 250 miles since I changed out my grips to the Kuryakyn ISO grips with the Throttle Boss I have been very pleased. Prior to the change I had the sponge type soft grips which caused me to have hand cramps after about an hour. I could not feel that I had control over the bike and no feel for the road. I did not want to go back the the factory style as you can feel all of the road in that type. The Kuryakyn grips offer me the best of both worlds, they dampen the vibration of the road and my old 81 Ironhead, but let me feel that I have control and a good grip without over gripping the controls. The product was easy to install and are very confortable. Try them you will like the feel.


Not as big as some others which is good. You can throttle without it getting in your way if you desire.


Grips are nice. Package looked like it had been around a while and the glue was hard so I ended up having to go out and buy some.


Love the grips but the instructions could be better for a first timer like me.


These grips have worked out great, they are very comfortable and easily adjustable. The padding and slightly larger size than stock grips has relieved my hand cramping on long rides.


Fantastic grips, SOOOOOO nice. the throttle boss feature makes these grips. The daily commute is much easier on the wrist. Very easy to install as well


Excellant- very comfortable on the long rides. Greatly reduces arm and wrist fatigue. I highly recommend these grips!


With my stock grips I had trouble with my hands going numb. Since I put the ISO grips on I don't have nearly as much problem. I would recommend these grips to everyone.




There great.


lovin JP


Excellent product.


real good


Best grips I have tried. Very comfortable and look nice also. Several of my buddies are getting them now.


Great grips!


Very fine product. My stock grips were getting pretty nasty.


Great Item!!! Easy to install and what a difference in ride.


Love these grips! They look awesome on our bikes!


very comfortable grips


Beautiful and comfortable.


these are nice take a little to get use to excellent look

viper- customz

grips are great very comfortable


Best price found and easy to install. Was apprehensive on my first "addition" to bike but grips were easy to install and they feel fantastic. My hands thanks you!


These are good. they work well and were easy to install. The boss makes it real nice on long rides.


Great grips!no More tired hands and they look great too.


Excellent product in appearance and workmanship. Easy install on both sides and includes the adhesive for the left grip. Wasn't sure about the need for a throttle boss paddle but after several rides now, wouldn't ride without it.


Easy to install, look great, absorb vibration and priced below the bike mfr's OEM product.


Waiting on the new chubbies to install these but look and feel great. Have a pair on my Softail, really nice


Fast and excellent service.


looked good fit good


The ISO grips are great and with the instructions they were easy to install.


Best grips that kind of money can buy. Excellent quality and cushioned grips. Takes away a lot of the vibrations associated with hard grips


Great grips!


Very nice looking and comfortable. Very minimal vibration.


Perfect fit and easy to follow instructions


very nice grips. My hands don't hurt on long trips anymore & the throttle boss is also nice for long highway trips. I highly recomend these grips if you want to replace your old grips.


Incredibly comfortable grips, work great even when wet.


Love the grips and the service at J&P Cycles was great.


Great feel, great look. I am 100 percent glad I purchased them. So easy to install. Just add a ton of character to the bike


This product was an excellent replacement product. They were easy to install and look and function properly. I also appreciated that the inner grip was included on the throttle grip!


Grips feel good and look great on bike. Fairly easy to install.

Tony Brown

The grips are 5 star. Easy to install. and comfortable to ride with.


installed in minutes and look great


really good grips! ... this is my first use of a throttle boss - it does work to keep your hand from cramping or hurting!


Great product


Love these hand grips and they came with the throttle boss. I would not buy anything different in the future


These new grips are so comfortable. Also, they look fantastic!


Great looks but the throttle grip feels loose, I did have the grips professionally installed; however, it may be more about getting accustomed to the new feel.


Have had these on my bike for a year and love them. Get the throttle boss it saves a lot of trouble on long rides. All the people I ride with have the same grips and they love them.


can't get much easier than these... look nice and easy mount


love these grips--one downfall..your hands will get dirty from the rubber grips.

Bagger Bob Canada

A simple way to add some bling to your bike while improving comfort at the same time.


Fit awesome easy to install comfortable


Love them! Makes it a lot more enjoyable to ride.


The grips are awesome i saw them on a friends bike and they looked great my bike had stock grips on it. After i put the ISO grips on they really set off my bike and they function great. I would highly recommend these to any one look and function great for a awesome price.....


love them... that's all I can say


Very nice product! They are very well made and look great too. I recommend using Loctite Glue when attaching lor another quality brand glue. The glue that comes with them didnt hold well and the grip worked free within few days of riding. Very nice grips, though!


Easy on, good fit, look great! Even better riding, no hand vibration, easy grip


These are awesomely comfortable and look great. The Boss is totally worth it.


Very nice and easy to put on. Very comfortable and look great with matching foot pegs. Pricy, but worth it.


These help complete the look along with the Stiletto end caps and the Stiletto pegs on my 2012 SFX Blackline


Well-made. When installing, get your clutch side grip (with the adhesive) on quickly as the glue sets-up fast.


Really nice feel.


No more numb hands! Buy extra glue too.




top quality


Great grips. The throtle has some play sideways. I was able to look at someones bike who also had them installed and it was the same. So I'm pretty sure that the Boss function needs that play. They are great to ride and look so to.

Mark dunlap

Love them the boss is great on the long rides


These grips change the ride very dramatically. They dampen vibration and help with hand fatigue. You swear the whole bike feels different, suspension an handling become a breeze.


IMHO, the best grips that can be had.


Great product. Had the Transformer grips on my last bike, but I think I like these even better.


Great product. Had the Transformer grips on my last bike, but I think I like these even better.


bought for a 2009 XL883L the fit and Look is awsome and the product was at my door in 3 days..Thank you


Replaced original OEM grips with these. Should have done this a long time ago. Easy to install.


I am very pleased with these grips!! I was also very happy with the ease of installation!! Great product!! Thanks!!!


This is my 2nd set of ISO grips w/throttle boss. I love the feel of them. They take out a lot of the vibration, and the throttle boss is awesome for long rides.


love them




What a difference it made on my 2011 Heritage, no more fingers going numb on long trips.


These are probably one of the most popular and comfortable/functional grips.


Good for a day trip or overnight bag


comfortable and look great


Very comfortable for the long haul.


Looks great. Easy install with a little common sense. Looks as good as the picture.


so comfortable and the throttle boss is worth the extra on them longer rides. Dont skimp on your grips. Spend the money and get the good name brand ones like these. You wont regret it.


Great Product and Great Delivery!


Great Deal. W/ Free Shipping. Easy Install and they are just wonderful grips. Would order thru J& P cycles for all my needs.


Very nice, perfect fit !! Home run with these. !!


Great looking and feeling grips. Easy installation and a quick delivery from J&P. Two thumbs up.


These grips make riding much more comfortable than the stock grips that came with the bike. They compliment the appearance of my 05 Springer Classic very well.


These are beautiful and fit great.


Kuryaken product as always, great stuff.


Very comfortable and easy to install


Very good grips-they came with good instructions and were easy to install.I really like the throttle boss. Will recommend to others


Nice grips! Exactly what I wanted.


Looked at other grips, and none felt as comfortable as the ISO. Had them on the last two bikes. Now know why they are so popular.

KC the Seabee

havent had time to install yet, but have these on my other two bikes because they are soft on long treks, but hard enough for everyday ridin..


Nice replacement grips. Throttle boss takes a bit of getting used to.


Fit and finish are great. A real nice addition to my FXSTS.

jed flint

these grips fit as good or better than stock.


Went on easy and look great. A great value.


This is the second pair I have purchased for different Harley motorcycles because they are great at reducing vibration through the handlebars.


These grips were really easy to install and added a great finishing touch to my Sportster. They match the pegs and shift peg. Another great product offered by JP Cycles!


Had them on my FLH. Now on my FXST. Great looks and quality. Throttle boss is a plus. Match up your chosen style with a set of pegs for a great and functional look. How often do you find something that fills both bills.


Easy fit. Look and feel great!

Super glide 2013

Good looking grips made my bike look better and easy to install.


The grips don't relieve hand fatigue nearly as much as I expected. Other than that, they are comfortable, they look good and installation was easy.


The best need I say more?


Have them on all my bikes, excellent made, pricy, but you get what you pay for!


Very comfortable grips. They have saved me from the cramps I was having with the old grips.


these are super looking and have a superior comfort. Highly recommended, You can even access air-fork fitting on end of handle bars.


The best.


These grips are the best looking for a trucked out ride. I got them quickly and in new condition.


very comfertable awsome on long rides with boss my hands do not go tto sleep anymore great product recomened to everyone


very comfortable and looks great on my bike. matches the footpegs and shift lever perfect


these grips are so comfortable and my hands no longer hurt after long runs. They look good too. I would definitely recommend them.


This is the third bike I've had them. They work great and look good.


Great product and comfortable


they really save the wrist!


all good


excellent grips for the price - my third set of these grips!


Excellent service and fast shipping. Very happy with the product. Great transaction, thank you.


These are awesome, best purchase I made. Easy to install and comfortable. They are so much better than my stock black. Makes all the difference on long rides. Buy them, well worth the money!


wife loves these on her sportster.


Great looking grips. Love the extension of the heel of my throttle hand.


Stylish Grips, the left side grip (one that gets glued on) is now rotating after one season of use. They are very comfortable even at highway speeds, vibration barely noticeable.


Looks great on my 03 Sportster. Help to reduce vibration


Canceled my order customer service is very poor


Should have gotten these years ago. The hand/arm tingle is much less.


great grips good around town and on long rides


Good set of grips, don't hesitate to purchase them if your hands go numb, especially in the carpel tunnel area, since I put them on my hands/wrists don't go numb.


Look & feel good on the bike


Awesome grips.


They look awesome ! And work and look great!


They look great and feel awesome going down the road. My set has the throttle boss, and that is a nice option to have on longer rides. The boss is adjustable simply by loosing the 4 screws on the end cap, they you rotate it in the desired position. Don't forget add loctite on the screws so the screws don't vibrate out!


Easy installation, good fit and comfortable on longer rides.


Great look. Feels awesome on the hands when riding.


Perfect fit!!! Awesome service...like always! I will always recommend J&P to anyone who lives the bike life!


Looks good on bike. Easy to install. I would recommend these grips to anyone.


Easy to install after watching the video. The bike I installed it on is exact same as the video (FLS Slim). The only problem I had thinking I could do a short cut, I thought I could just slip the existing grip off since I had some difficulty taking out the farrels off the accelerator cables. But started to add stress to the electronic wiring so I stopped trying to pull it off - it is tempting as I only needed to pull the grip off by a half inch more but don't do it. Anyway, all went together well and it surely makes a big difference in looks. Also very comfortable and I really like using the throttle assist. Great product and nice upgrade for my slim.


Replaces stock grips easily. Throttle boss works great for long trips, but can be a bit touchy in stop & go traffic.


Great grips, no more numb fingers, Palm does all the work.


We love these. They make the bike look so much better.


The iso grips 500-153 fit perfectly on my new "beach bars". They look great and were easy to install. Even the instructions were easy to understand. The throttle boss works quite well on short rides and not so short rides.


These grips are by far the best and most comfortable grips I have ever owned. Thank you JP cycles.


Looks great on the bike


these grips are great I have had them on 3 of my Harleys and i love them they are great for the long rides


Good pair of grips!


Excellent fit and they look great on my 2014 Breakout.


A bit of a challenge to install, but I love the grips. It was worth the effort.


Really easy to install, looks great. Waiting to test ride.


These are awesome grips. The only thing is that I have a 1993 Touring Ultra Classic and my left hand handle bar control bracket does not leave any room to insert the channel at the end of the grip under the bracket. All I had to do was simply cut off the end of the grip and glue it on. The throttle side fit like a glove. Also with the removable end cap I can still access the front air shock filler valve which is inside of the handlebar at the grip end.


Really like these grip better than my old one. More comfortable and great reduces vibrations


Looks and feels great.


These grips fit perfect and looked real good on this build.


good product just what i wanted


Nothing will prevent hand numb with ape hangers but these sure do a better job than most!


Very happy with the service and the product. My only suggestion would be to order a couple of extra farruarls at the same time so when you drop one and do not find it does not stop you from completing the job.


Love the feel of the grips. Worth every penny


Put these grips on my 09 Super Glide along with some new drag bars. Really like the look, and comfort of the grips. Glad that I made this choice. Easy to install, and comes with all necessary equipment and directions.


Great grips


Great product that was easily installed!!


Love These Grips!


Great looking. Very comfortable. Slightly larger than stock grips on my '98 Road King. I have small hands but they are still very comfortable and greatly reduce hand and wrist fatigue especially with the throttle boss.


Simple install, left grip doesn't fit as well as ones I have used in the past (never HAD to use glue before) but it isn't terrible.


These hand grips are awesome


good price, went on my old bike easily, very comfortable grips


i lv them, always a gr8t find with J&P Cycles, i put them on my 2015 HD Seventy-Two they fit gr8t and look even more awesome....


Thanks alot


Great look and fit


grood and comfortable


It is a Xmas gift for my mother


These grips are the bomb. Way better than anything I have ridden with in 55 years.


These were nice grips, but for a lady, way too bulky. Had to return for something else.

Magi 50

I love these grips!! - If you don't have a throttle boss grip, you really need to at least try it. Once you do, you'll be hooked. Riding is much more comfortable. - AND just like every order I've placed through J&P, grips were reasonably priced and shipped extremely fast!! Thanks J&P!!


ISO grips do a great job of stopping numb or tingling hands. It's best to watch an install on YouTube before installation


The Boss doesn't adjust exactly where I need it. It is ok.


Fits perfectly arrived on time


Awsome product, perfect on my bike

Paul Shaw

the best look good


Great grips. Good price. Comfortable

Keith Roenspiess

The are comfortable and great looking with customizable grip ends.

Keith Roenspiess

The are comfortable and great looking with customizable grip ends.


easy install love the tab for right palm


Exactly as described and ordered. Fast delivery to Canada.


I put these grips on my 2013 H-D Fatboy. Before the grips, my right hand and wrist would cramp on longer rides. Since I installed these grips, the cramps and numbness stopped. These grips with the throttle boss are amazing.


grips look good install easy the glue was dry had to get some supper glue like the grips


Grips are good quality, however, DO NOT use the supplied grip glue. It's basically superglue gel and goes off far too quick. I only managed to get the clutch side 3/4 of the way one before it set.


Easy installation, look great, feel great. Very happy!!


Very comfortable and easy to install..


Great grips, very easy to install. 10 minute job and that includes time to read the instructions. Love the throttle boss.


Like the grips. Comfortable and easily installed.


These are some very comfortable grips, my father actually has the same ones on his bike. One problem I ran into, however, is that they are for electric throttles, whereas my bike has a mechanical throttle.




Great good quality product, easy install, .


Very easy installation and also looks great on the bike


Very comfortable compared to the stock grips. Got the throttle boss as well which allows the throttle hand to relax a little making those longer rides much more enjoyable. Quality product for a great price!


excellent grips, and quick shipping


Has a nice feel and is quite comfortable as your palm fits on the extended palm rest to crank on the power during acceleration. Will be installing a pair on my friend's bike soon.


First of all these ISO grips are awesome, comfortable and easy to install in no time at all. I also bought a throttle boss which is great on long rides. I used Customer Service to find the correct throttle boss to match the grips. The customer service representitive was friendly and knew her job. My items arrived fast and the packaging was great and I am also happy with the price I paid. I will be a repeat customer...Thanks.

Mark dunlap

Much more comfort than the stock grips, easy installation 15 Min.


Great grips .easy to install and very comfortable . Great replacement for the stock Lousy Harley grips


I love it. feels just right


Great fit. I love them


I have put these grips on both of my bikes and both sets are perfect!


feel great


The grips went on supper easy! They look and feel great, they were everything I expected them to be. Once again an easy and satisfied order from the great people at J&P


Delivery in very timely manner. Product quality excellent. Buying experience with J & P is always very easy.


great grips. i love the throttle boss, helps with my arthritis.


awsome service and fast


I love these grips. This is the second bike I put them on.


Love the look and feel of the grips but need to find a better cement for clutch side. Because of the square hollow cells there isn't enough flat surface area for the adhesive to bond to.


very good product and the


Have used these grips on 3 Harleys and they work great and look good too.


Great grips, have them on both of my bikes and the GF's bike


The best grips out there


They look and feel great, larger diameter then the stock grips so fit my large hands better. Let grip fits the bars fine but the right (throttle) grip is loose in the switch housing causing a slight wobble. Don't like that at all.


Great quality. Look forward to relief for hands.


Love the grips. Night and Day difference. Item was shipped incomplete (no glue). JP shipped the glue right out.


This is the 3rd pair I have had. They're great.


Great product. I used these grips along with the helmet locks. Looks and works great.


Work great


Perfect condition, all parts and instructions as advertised, lightening fast shipping, best price on the web. J+P is unbeatable!


These only stay nice for a year or two, then the crome starts to peel off.


makes the throttle control very easy


Great product. My hands no longer go numb. The service was excellent!


good product, timely delivery


They look awesome, feel awesome, packaging problems at first but J&P fixed right away. Would give it a 5 except they are a little loose so they rattle a bit, not a snug fit like OEM, but does not effect the performance.


Very easy to install, look great, feel great.


- Excellent Service. - Very Fast shipping, although shipped to the U.A.E, took 5 days. - A must for long rides. Very comfortable, avoids slipping, numbness and better grip. Much better than stock, - HD Ultra Electra Classis 2013. Thank you JP Cycles.


Awsome product, perfect on my bike


Excellent quality.


Fast overseas delivery. Arrived on scheduled delivery date. Grip were easy to install, look and feel much better than the stock grips.


I love them.

BrianB Dallaire

Nice product ,order coming to canada not worth it , it took 24 days ,with shipping and duties it cost 35.00 more then it would cost in canada.


Very nice gtips

Ahmad Badr

Shipped fast as promised. Grips look very nice. Feels a bit weird having the throttle boss but I still need to get used to it. All in all great service and product.


Grips look good and feel better. Throttle boss is very nice, better than the slip on type. Glad I got them.

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