Weekend Wrenching Videos

J&P Cycles believes that customizing your motorcycle is a reflection of who you are. Don’t let outrageous service charges prevent you from building the bike of your dreams. It can be intimidating to perform your own upgrades, but we believe you have what it takes. Our expert motorcycle mechanics are here to help you learn the skills you need to wrench on your own bike. These weekly workshops will expand your skillset for projects you can do from your own garage. Whether you are looking to improve comfort, enhance performance, or simply maintain your bike our workshops will boost your confidence to build it yourself.

Product Spotlight : Custom Dynamics Pro Beam LED Turn Signals

More light is always a good idea on a motorcycle. The Custom Dynamics Pro Beam conversion kit is an easy install and a great way to add insanely bright LED lights to your signal/brake lights. See kit here: Pro Beam Conversion Kit
• Utilizing advanced LED technology.
• ProBEAM LED turn signals maximize performance.
• Unique reflector technology and the most superior automotive grade LEDs available.
• Plug & play front and rear turn signal conversion kit.
• Front-The outer ring of 24 white ProBEAM LEDs showcase a smooth white halo that functions as the running light while 12 center amber LEDs function as the turn signal. When a turn signal is activated the white LEDs turn completely off for the entire turn signal cycle providing greater visibility to the amber turn signal.
• Rear-Red Ring ProBEAM LED Turn Signals feature an outer ring of 16 Red LEDs which showcase a smooth red halo that functions as the running light while 12 center red LEDs provide a full-contrast brake and turn signal light for maximum visibility.
• ProBEAM LED Turn Signals are DOT/SAE Compliant when used with provided ProBEAM Lenses.
• Lifetime LED Warranty.

Install LED Turn Signals

Install of Custom Dynamics Pro Beam LED Turn Signals

Product List for Custom Dynamics Pro Beam LED Turn Signals

Other Brands LED Turn Signals

Install Mini Ape Hanger Handlebars on our Twin Cam Softail Slim

We show you step by step how to install a set of Arlen Ness mini ape hangers on our Twin Cam Softail. We changed out our cables and brake line for longer units and for a clean look we routed the wires through the bars.

Install Mini Ape Hanger Handlebars

Install Mini Ape Hanger Handlebars on Twin Cam Softail

Product List for Install of Mini Ape Hanger Handlebars

How to Install Custom Dynamics Bat Wingz : Harley Davidson Touring Bikes

The Custom Dynamics Bat Wingz are a great way to add some visibility to your "bat wing" style Harley bagger. Installation will be the same for all late model Rushmore Harley touring bikes (2014 - up).

• Low Profile Batwing Fairing Trim mounts directly to lower edges of the stock Harley-Davidson OEM batwing fairing using automotive grade 3M tape.

• Features 13 white DRL running lights and 12 amber LED turn signal with 180 degrees viewing angle.

• White DRL LEDs are automatically deactivated when the turn signal is activated providing greater visibility to the Amber turn signal.

• Plug and play installation.

• Lifetime Warranty Against LED Failure.

• Sold as a pair

How to Install Custom Dynamics Bat Wingz : Harley Davidson Touring Bikes

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How to Service 39mm Front Forks: Spring Upgrade

Patrick shows you how to replace blown fork seals on this 2001 Sportster, and while he's at it, he upgrades the springs with some heavy duty units. This will be a similar procedure on most 39mm front ends that can be done with fairly basic hand tools.

How to Service 39mm Front Forks : Spring Upgrade

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Arlen Ness Method Clear Sucker Install : Twin Cam Harley Davidson

Let your motor breathe deep in style with the Arlen Ness Method Clear Sucker. A easy install with general hand tools. This install will be very similar on non-throttle by wire Twin Cams and Evo Sportsters.
• Forged billet aluminum air cleaner featuring a polycarbonate window allowing you to view the internal working of your air intake system
• Forged billet aluminum backing plate with our patented internal hidden breather backing plate technology resulting in no need for external hoses or hardware for a virtually closed loop system
• Radius air inlet provides unobstructed airflow into engine
• High performance filter is constructed from black pre-oiled cotton for optimum flow and filtration. Filter is washable & re-usable, recharge kits available separately
• Each kit includes backing plate, forged filter housing, clear polycarbonate top, filter, gaskets and necessary hardware

Arlen Ness Method Clear Sucker Install Video

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Will show you how to install the Custom Dynamics ProBEAM 7" LED Headlamp on an M8 Harley Davidson Road King.

Features of this light include: Modern LED Headlamp Design; Same Size as Stock Lamp, No Trim Ring Needed; SAE & DOT & ECE Compliant; Durable Polycarbonate Lens; 5000K Color Temperature; Lifetime Warranty against LED Failure. The Custom Dynamics Headlight Wiring Adapter allows lo-beam to remain on when high beam is activated (high and low beams on together) and provides connection for Halo Ring if not already present.

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Installing Kuryakyn Hex Mirrors

Installing Kuryakyn Hex Mirrors is an easy task and we will show you how the Kuryakyn Hex Mirrors offer superb field of vision with the wide, angular mirror heads.   They are made of die-cast aluminum construction that gives the bike a clean custom look, while also maintaining functionality.

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Installation of Arlen Ness Black Right Front Brake Caliper Housing 

The Arlen Ness Calipers are a great way to up the style of your brakes without breaking the bank. In this video we are changing out the oem front calipers of a 2019 Harley Davidson Roadking. Since this is a new bike, we are going to reuse the seals. Depending on your year and miles, you can always replace the caliper seals with the seal kit listed below. When ordering, you will need to grab the left and right side separately, and don't forget the brake fluid.

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Mini Ape Hanger Handlebar Install on our Softail Slim

We show you step by step how to install a set of Arlen Ness mini ape hangers on our Twin Cam Softail. We changed out our cables and brake line for longer units and for a clean look we routed the wires through the bars. See the next video below for a walk-through on the clutch cable install.

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Clutch Cable Installation Twin Cam Softail

We walk you through a clutch cable change on our Twin Cam Softail Slim. We are going to be installing mini ape hangers on our Softail and need to install a longer cable. If you are changing handlebars, you may need to change your cables. You can check using our How to Measure for Cables video. We used this product but the install will be relevant to many cables, basically every Twin Cam with a cable clutch.

Cobra RPT Intake Install: Twin Cam Touring Throttle by Wire Models

Let those motors breathe deep with an American made intake from Cobra USA.   We walk you step by step through the installation of this air cleaner kit on a late model Twin Cam Harley Davidson (2012 Road King).  Most throttle by wire Twin Cam HD Baggers will be the same.

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Cobra Neighbor Hater Muffler Install: Harley Davidson Twin Cam Touring Bikes

We show how to install a set of Cobra's Neighbor Hater mufflers and then we listen to the sweet sound of an American made freedom machine.

Check out this Cobra chrome muffler on our website, item 755-654.

Season Bike Prep and 10K Mile Service

Riding season is just around the corner, is your motorcycle ready to hit the road? Whether you’re a commuter, an adventurer, or both we have what you need to get your Harley Davidson ready to hit the road. With the best selection of parts and accessories for your Harley Davidson and the how to videos to get your project going we are your one stop shop. What are you waiting for? Get her ready to go today.

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Upgrading Motorcycle Turn Signals

Complete the look of your ride with LED Turn signals for Harley Davidson motorcycles. This simple Weekend Wrenching project is both functional and gives your ride great style. LED turn signals will draw less power from your Harley Davidson motorcycle. LED turn signals also give unique styling with crisp lighting the cagers can’t miss. Follow along as we show you how to install LED turn signals on a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the latest video from our Weekend Wrenching series.

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Motorcycle Air Cleaners Upgrade

Let your ride breathe deep with the Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit. Upgrading your air cleaner will improve performance by opening up the air flow of your engine. With just a few tools and a little know how, you can perform this upgrade in your own garage. Join Pauly as he walks you through the steps of installing this Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Air Cleaner Kit.

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Install New Motorcycle Mirrors

Improve visibility and the look of your ride with new mirrors this riding season. This simple upgrade can be easily done in your own garage, so follow along as Pauly shows you how easy it can be to install Kuryakyn Heavy Industry Mirrors on a Harley Street Glide.

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Install New Motorcycle Battery 101

The Twin Power Lithium Ion Battery has many advantages over the OEM unit. Join Pauly as we install a Twin Power Lithium Ion Battery in our Streetglide so you'll know what it takes when you are ready to make the upgrade.

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Motorcycle Engine Guard

Biker's Choice Engine Guard constructed from 1-1/4" steel tubing gives you a nice place to put your feet without having to add highway pegs.

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Arlen Ness Floorboards and Foot Controls Instrallation

Arlen Ness Floorboards and foot controls are a great way to improve the look of your ride. The Arlen Ness floorboards give you a much longer area with a lot nicer look and more foot positions for those long rides. The Arlen Ness foot controls are much sleeker and lighter than the stock HD foot controls.

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Installing Performance Machine Cam Cover

The Scallop Cover line was created to replace those uninspiring H-D stock covers that are often overlooked but present the perfect opportunity to add a custom hot rod touch to your motorcycle. The Performance Machine Scallop line will put the devil in the details from front to rear and top to bottom with every cover possible - Rocker Box, Cam, Clutch, Ignition, Derby, Inspect, and Transmission. Each billet aluminum cover features timeless styled machined cut scallop with the iconic Performance Machine logo.

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Upgrading LED Headlights with Integrated Turn Signals

These BikeMaster LED Headlights are direct replacements for your current headlight buckets. This is a great way to update your existing headlight and clean-up the look of your front-end. These lights feature an Ultra-bright 10W Cree LED's for better visibility over stock OEM headlights.

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Motorcycle Electrical Troubleshooting

Motorcycle battery not charging? The problem could come from many sources. Fortunately, if you take the right steps, diagnosing the issue can easily be done in your own garage. Join Pauly and Chris from Cycle Source as they walk through some quick troubleshooting as they do a charging system diagnostics.

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New Motorcycle Audio Installation

Are you ready to rock this riding season? Grab a set of the best Harley-Davidson speakers from Aquatic AV with a SiriusXM Bluetooth stereo. Pauly shows you how easy it is for you to upgrade your audio and speaker set up in your own garage driveway.

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Motorcycle Windshield Installation

Add stability, comfort, and style to your ride with the Klock Werks Flare Windshield paired with Arlen Ness Trim. With One tool you can give your bike a better look and work better for you. Make sure to pick a windshield you can look over not through.

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Motorcycle Kickstand

Your kickstand spring is something you take for granted until it's not there. Follow along as we show you the trick to a simple installation without the struggle of stretching the spring. As a bonus we show you the J&P emergency kickstand snubber that will allow you to safely ride if you lose your spring on the road.

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Motorcycle Audio Upgrade

A stereo you can't hear on the highway is pointless. Let us show you how to make your bike rock louder with this complete HogTunes amp and speaker kit installation…step by step instruction make it easy for you to do at home.

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S&S Motorcycle Engine Upgrade

When a stage one upgrade just isn't going to cut it, step up to the S&S Power Pack for some serious performance. Join Pauly as he walks you through the entire process of turning your bike into a boulevard beast.

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Motorcycle Oil Change & Tips

Save some cash when you learn to perform basic maintenance yourself. We will show you how to change your oil, transmission fluid, primary fluid, and oil filter using the Maxima Oil Change In A Box Kit.

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Motorcycle LED Headlight Upgrade

LED lighting not only gives you greater visibility at night, it also makes you more visible to others on the road. Join us as we show you how to install this simple LED Headlight upgrade from HogWorkz.

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Motorcycle Grip Upgrades

Sometimes the smallest upgrades end up being your favorite. We will show you how to improve the looks and comfort of your ride with grips from Avon and Arlen Ness for Throttle-by-wire and Throttle-by-cable grips.

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