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Motorcycle Air, Fuel, and Exhaust Buyers Guide

May 25, 2020

When it comes to boosting the performance of your motorcycle, nothing beats the trifecta of exhaust, air intake, and a fuel tuner. It's an easy and cost-effective way to not just make your motorcycle faster, but to also inject a bit of personal style into your ride.

There's a plethora of options for exhaust and intake and fuel management for whatever you ride. Let's take a look at some of our top performance brands and what they offer to help unleash the beast inside your bike.

Vance & Hines

Since 1979, SoCal-based Vance & Hines have been the purveyors of race-bred performance. Born out of the motorcycle drag racing scene of the late '70s, no one delivers the goods quite like Vance & Hines.

Power Duals


Torquer Exhaust

Big Radius Exhaust

Whether you're riding a Sporty, Dyna, Softail, or touring bike, V&H builds exhaust that look good, sound amazing, and push your bike deep into true hot rod territory. Their ever-popular Short Shots, Big Radius, Power Duals and hot new Torquer 450s are born from the track but wrapped up in a package for the street. They (and other V&H pipes) are a solid first step toward making your bike scream.

Fuelpak FP3

If you're not content with just some pipes, their Fuelpak FP3 tuner is the next step on your road to ultimate power. Customizable beyond belief, it will let you dial in the fuel delivery on your ride with absolute precision for perfect throttle response and unreal performance.

V02 Air Intake

Of course, more fuel and more exhaust flow demands more air, and Vance & Hines has that covered with their VO2 intakes. Available in a variety of different styles, including ones that'll fit your stock air cleaner cover for that ultimate sleeper look.


For over 20 years, Rinehart has been pushing the limits of performance and quality craftsmanship. Rinehart has kept to a proven formula of American-made quality and performance that has solidified their reputation.

DBX45 Exhaust

rinehart exhaust

Rinehart Headers

Rinehart Slipons

Rinehart specializes in tubes of bent steel and their exhaust options are exhaustive, so whether you're looking for some basic slip-ons, want to up the ante with some headers, or go whole hog with a full high-performance system, Rinehart has you covered 100%.

Rinehart Air Intake

You can round out your Rinehart performance package with one of the handful of air cleaners they make, but if you're looking for more extensive fuel management and tuning, you'll have to look elsewhere.


If the name S&S doesn't come to mind when you think of motorcycle performance, then there might be something wrong with you. The Viola, Wisconsin-based company has been inspiring wheelies and burnouts since 1958, and have the most extensive line up of go-fast parts to make your Harley run like a scalded ape.

Super E Carb

On the air, fuel, and exhaust front, S&S pretty much does it all and can make any bike scream, even an old Panhead. They're one of the few companies cranking out high performance carburetors for older bikes.

MK45 Exhaust

Their exhaust options run the gamut, from slip-ons to full systems, and they're probably the best at producing 50-state compliant exhaust systems.

Teardrop Air Intake

To top it off, their Teardrop air cleaner is downright iconic.


The only thing they don't do is produce an electronic fuel management and tuning system, but who cares when you can just buy a massive 124 ci engine for just a few (thousand) bucks more, right?

Cobra USA

Kicked off in 1977, Cobra USA has been a pioneer in the motorcycle industry for decades. They don't just make performance parts, but performance is their bread-and-butter, and they're one of the only companies that makes the whole package; intake, exhaust, and fuel management tuners. They're also a great option if you ride a metric cruiser.

Cobra Drag Pipes

Cobra Fishtails

Cobra Neighborhater

In the realm of exhaust, their aptly-named Neighbor Hater mufflers shook the industry. Cobra is masterful at injecting style into the mix, whether you're looking for some mean drag pipes or some classic fishtails.

Powerflo Intake

Speaking of style, their intake systems come in a variety of looks and finishes, from their closed PowrFlo intakes, open PowrFlo intakes, 90 degree cone intakes, to RPT intakes.

Cobra Fi200 Powrpro

Cobra Fi2000

Rounding out the package is their Fi2000 fuel management systems, ranging from the Fi2000R which allows for easy but manual adjustment of your fuel and air settings, to the sophisticated auto-adjusting Fi2000 PowrPro with smartphone connectivity.

So no matter what you ride, no matter what your budget is, what your performance goals are, or where your personal style takes you, you can find something to help turn your stock motorcycle into a performance powerhouse.