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Motorcycle Handlebar Buyers Guide

Feb 03, 2020

Believe it or not, Daytona Beach Bike Week is only a month away, which means it’s time to dial in your ride for those spring jaunts that are right around the corner. But a month leaves just enough time to get out in the garage and squeeze in one more project, like slapping on a new handlebar.

I don’t know about you but swapping out bars is one of the first things I do on a motorcycle. You want reach to be natural and comfortable and provide good leverage in turns. I also want bars that suit my riding style and my own personal taste. Couldn’t ditch the stock grandpa bars on our 2004 Sportster XLC fast enough for a racier Pro Taper-style bar. Just like throwing tracker bars on a hooligan Sporty, motorcycle handlebars trend, from baggers with big apes to T-barred Dynas.

I couldn't wait to get the stock handlebar off our 2004 Sportster 1200 Custom and the new RSD bar on. Changed the whole complexion of the motorcycle.

So if you’ve been thinking about putting on some new bars, the time is nigh because riding season will soon be upon us! To help in the decision-making process, we’ve put together a short list of motorcycle handlebars for your perusal from some of the hottest brands on the market.

KST Kustoms new 1 1/2" Bison Bagger Bars.

KST Kustoms 1-1/2" High Gloss Black 12" Bison Bagger Handlebars (Product Number 440-3397)

If you rock a Street Glide with a Batwing fairing and are ready to grab the bull by the horns, consider KST Kustoms new 1 1/2" Bison Bagger Bars. With a 12-inch rise and an 8-inch pullback, these gloss black handlebars are made from T304 ornamental grade stainless steel. These are a direct replacement for stock bars and no modifications to the fairing are required. Yippee-ki-yay cowboy!

KST Kustoms Spearhead Handlebar.

KST Kustoms Spearhead Handlebars (Product Number 350-1692)

If chrome’s more your thing, KST Kustoms also makes these sharp-looking Spearhead Handlebars. They’re part of KST’s Vanguard line and have a 3- piece design that makes them easy to install and easy to adjust. Running wiring internally is a cinch. They’re throttle-by-wire compatible as well. Those grips, though. Fuego!

LA Choppers Black 12" Twin Peaks Handlebar.

LA Choppers 1-1/4" Black 12" Twin Peaks Handlebar (Product Number 162-989)

LA Choppers Black 12" Twin Peaks Handlebar is another sweet bagger bar. With a more traditional bend than KST Kustoms’ Bisons, the LA Choppers Twin Peaks bar has a 12-inch rise and a 6-inch pullback. They’re drilled for internal wiring and are notched to accommodate traditional cable-operated throttles or throttle-by-wire systems.

Roland Sands Design Black Ops Vintage Handlebar.

Roland Sands Design Black Ops Vintage Handlebar (Product Number 506-066)

If you’re looking to project a little attitude on your Dyna or Sportster, check out Roland Sands Design Black Ops Vintage Handlebar. From its downward bend to drilled-out gussets, these wicked-looking bars definitely go against the grain. Part of RSD’s Black Ops collection, the bars are textured black with gloss black end caps.

Burly Brand Chrome Narrow Ape Hangers.

Burly Brand Chrome Narrow Ape Hanger (Product Number 501-774)

The Burly Brand Chrome Narrow Ape Hangers are clean, classic, and one of the best bargains out there. Burly Brand’s Narrow Apes are set-up for external wiring or you can run wiring through pre-drilled inner slots at the bar dimples. These chrome-plated bars have a 14-inch rise, a 6-inch pullback and a super-smooth bend.

Biltwell Moto Handlebar.

Biltwell 1" Black 4-1/4" Moto Handlebar with TBW (Product Number 240-3126)

Whether building a Sportster scrambler or a dirt tracking demon, Biltwell’s Moto Handlebar will provide much-needed leveraging. Made from 4130 chromoly tubing, these bars are built for abuse. The inside of the right bar is tapered to accept a throttle-by-wire module. More riders than ever are crossing over into the dirt with their street bikes and if you’re going to go play in the dirt you need the right bar for the job.

TC Bros Black Slant Z Handlebar.

TC Bros Black Slant Z Handlebars (Product Number 803-409)

Z bars always bump up the ante on the cool factor a few degrees. TC Bros Black Slant Z Handlebars are proudly made in the good ol’ USA from 1″ OD x 0.109″ wall premium American steel tubing. Pretty cool to hear all joints are precision fit and hand TIG-welded. At a little over one C-note, you get a high degree of quality from the most affordably priced handlebars on our list.

Wild 1 Chrome 10” Drag Handlebar.

Wild 1 Chrome 10” Drag Handlebars (Product Number 501-034)

Our motorcycle handlebar buyers guide wouldn’t be complete without at least one listing to appeal to the T-bar crowd. Granted, the Wild 1 Chrome 10” Drag Handlebars do have a slight pullback to them, but this way you get the outlaw look with a little less reach. Welds on these bars have been polished smooth before they’re given that shiny chrome finish. Fists in the wind, baby!

Before plopping down your hard-earned money on a new set of bars, check out our How to Measure for the Right Motorcycle Handlebars article to make sure you’re getting the right ones.