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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Lift

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It’s the absolute centerpiece of any serious workshop. A Harley lift sets your garage apart from all the others that can do most — but not all — work on the bike. So, if you’re serious about big jobs and saving your knees, neck, back and some hard-earned cash in the process, let us introduce you to a game-changing Harley Davidson motorcycle lift. We think this fits right into important shop jobs — both big and little. Ready to tackle that level of work yourself and stop farming out jobs you could do at home… if only you had the right equipment? Look no further than our selection of Harley lifts.

Harley Lift: Change the Way you Work  

Roll ‘em on, tie ‘em down and crank it up. Using a Harley motorcycle lift isn’t difficult and it brings the big V-twin engine into view. No more crawling around on the floor, flashlight in one hand and shop manual in the other; a Harley lift make maintenance a more civilized task — if we do say so ourselves. What do you get in exchange for this purpose? A whole lot to love, like easily lifting more than 1,000 pounds, rear drop panels, long and wide working platforms, hydraulic-powered lifts and loading ramps on some Harley-Davidson lift models. There are also smaller and more affordable Harley Davidson motorcycle jack style options that utilize a bottle jack and foot operation to hoist the bike off the ground. Both styles of these Harley lifts get the bike off the ground for engine-out or wheels-off jobs that would otherwise be impossible. We know there’s a bit of a learning curve here when it comes to a Harley lift and what’s going to support your ride, so call 1-800-318-4823 or click here for help from the Customer Service crew.