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Motorcycle Exhaust Gaskets

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Poor fits and air leaks are the enemy of well-running bikes. Motorcycle exhaust gaskets are one of those parts that’ll seal up your headers correctly while routing spent gasses out of the engine efficiently. Replacing them isn’t a job done too often, but it’s apparent when it’s time to do so. Replaced your pipes and it’s time to re-install? Throw on some fresh motorcycle exhaust gaskets and enjoy the peace of mind they offer. Dealing with an exhaust leak at the engine head? Don’t ignore it — fix it with an exhaust crush gasket on this page. If you’re looking for a bit more insight before diving into the job, our Common Tread crew can get you up to speed on the terminology you’ll encounter during the work. With that out of the way, grab some wrenches and crack on with it!

Motorcycle exhaust gaskets: Easy install for a rapid fix 

A snug and secure fit is required when mating metal surface to metal surface. The only way to spread the load, apply correct torque to bolts and keep everything flowing without leaks or drips is with gaskets. To be more specific as it pertains to motorcycle exhaust gaskets, these metal or fiber gaskets will seal the space between exhaust port on the engine head and the pipe routed out of the motor. The extreme heat and pulses coming out of the motor — not to mention road grime flung up and cooked onto the pipes — makes salvaging old exhaust crush gaskets and motorcycle exhaust gaskets a fool’s errand. Shop the best brands like Cometic, Twin Power, Genuine James Gaskets and more for pattern products that’ll surpass OEM items. Got a question about design and fitment? Call J&P Cycles at 1-800-318-4823 or click here for Customer Service.