Michelin Motorcycle Tires

Michelin Motorcycle Tires

Since the early 1900's Michelin motorcycle tires have offered riders leading advancements in motorcycle tire technology. Track tested and race proven, Michelin is one of the most trusted names among motorcycle riders worldwide. For longetivity, stability and grip, Michelin motorcycle tires is the brand that produces the results you expect.

Michelin Motorcycle Tire Performance

Grip, stability and wear - three key factors to consider when choosing Michelin motorcycle tires. Michelin uses advanced technology in the patented sipes and integrated water reservoirs, giving you two benefits when riding on wet roads. Your motorcycle tire is better able to grip the wet surface, and the tire breaks the surface film of water for outstanding braking performance.

Harder rubber is used under the softer rubber on the shoulder of Michelin motorcycle tires, giving you more rigity and stability when cornering. Combining the best of bias and radial design, Michelin motorcycle tires can handle the extra weight of larger bikes and loads, and give you exceptional wear and durability.

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