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Since 1980 Mustang Seats has been the industry leader in manufacturing motorcycle seats and seat accessories. Comfort and quality is built into every aspect of the design and construction of Mustang motorcycle seats. Regardless of the type of riding you do or the brand of motorcycle you own, once you experience using a Mustang seat you'll know why Mustang is the preference of riders worldwide.

Motorcycle Seats and More

You won't find a more comfortable motorcycle seat than those made by Mustang. But Mustang makes more than just motorcycle seats. Once you choose the right Mustang motorcycle seat for you, you'll want to take a look at the other parts and accessories offered by Mustang. You'll find everything from backrests, fender and tank bibs matching the color and style of your Mustang seat, to the products you'll need to clean and protect your investment.

American Made Motorcycle Seats

No matter what or how you ride, Mustang has a seat to match your wants and needs. All Mustang motorcycle seats are made in the USA at their facility in Three Rivers Massachusetts.

Founder Al Simmons Explains What Makes Mustang Different

Mustang is known for their high quality comfortable seats, in this video you'll see why.

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Motorcycle Seats 101: Overview
Its all about the RIDE!

Riding stops being fun when it starts becoming uncomfortable. Nobody knows this better than the folks at Mustang and they have spent the past 30 years perfecting the world’s most comfortable seat. In this quest for comfort, they have created a brief "Seats 101" overview.

The first step in finding the proper seat depends on the type of riding you do or a certain look you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you mostly ride around town or do you take long trips?
  • Can you easily place your feet on the ground sitting on the stock seat
  • What percentage of the time do you carry a passenger?
  • Are you looking for a comfortable touring seat or a one-of-a-kind custom seat for your show bike?

Take the time to think about the type of riding you do, the style you want for your bike and what it is specifically that you hope to achieve by making the investment in a new seat. Mustang believes the motorcycle experience is all about the ride. For the large number of riders who do not find their stock seat comfortable, the best solution is a new seat "from the bottom up."

Motorcycle seats are made up of three essential parts: the baseplate, the foam and the cover (sometimes these are also referred to as the pan, the cushion and the top). You should know that some aftermarket seat makers use parts of the stock seat. For instance, many custom seat shops simply take your stock seat and recover it, just as an upholstery shop would recover your living room couch in a different fabric. Not so with Mustang!

BASEPLATE: All baseplates are designed and manufactured at their historic New England facility. Depending on the design, baseplates are made of either fiberglass or 16 gauge steel that has been epoxy powder coated for complete rust-proofing.

FOAM: There are a few aftermarket seat manufacturers that create seats from scratch, but Mustang goes the extra mile so that you can go an extra 1,000 miles in the saddle! Controlled density polyurethane foam is designed, compounded and molded in-house. The exact shape and density of the foam is formulated to be soft enough for all day comfort, yet resilient enough to stand up to an Iron Butt rider!

COVER: All Mustang covers are designed, cut and sewn in the same New England factory for the finest Yankee craftsmanship. These covers are made from the highest quality expanded vinyl available. They have the appearance of leather, but the durability and weather resistance of vinyl. All seams are sewn twice for added strength.

The bottom line is this: Take the time to explore what seats are available for your particular motorcycle make, model and year and then decide what seat is the best choice for you given the style, materials, features and level of comfort you are looking for... Mustang is confident they will pass the "Seats 101" test!


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