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Rocker Locker Rocker Locking Kits

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Rocker Locker offers a simple yet effective fix for the gap between the rocker arm shaft and the nearby bolt on your Harley-Davidson. If you're encountering that annoying tick, it's time to pick up Rocker Locker products available at J&P Cycles. Rocker Locker inserts close this gap and eliminate that annoying tick sound so you can focus on the road. As an added bonus, Rocker Locker keeps the rocker plate centered so it won't wear as fast, saving you money on repairs. This must-have product is currently available for Harley Twin Cams as well as 1986-current Sportsters and Evolution Big Twins. Have further questions on how this will work on your ride? Contact our free tech support line for expert advice you can trust. Then check out Specialty Tools for more of those hard to fix projects, or get serious about your repair projects with detailed Repair Manuals direct from J&P Cycles.