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Harley-Davidson Wheel Tools

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It doesn’t take much to cause hums, thuds and buzz at highway speed. If it’s time for a fix, we’ve got every Harley wheel bearing tool and other truing needs covered. Truthfully, when it comes to HD wheel tools, our Harley wheel bearing tool selection is just scratching the surface. Need a puller to remove a bearing that’s toast? How about spoke wrenches, race and seal drivers, valve stem removers and inserters or cone nut wrenches? The first order of business is going to be getting those wheels off and lucky for you, our friends at Common Tread have just the tutorial for you. Give it a read and get back to business with J&P.

Harley Wheel Bearing Tool: Remove with Pullers

Wheel bearings are tough little parts, with ballbearings encased in a tough round race. That doesn’t make them immortal though, and a bad bearing will present itself in many ways. A concerning noise coming from the hub is probably your first clue and from there, it’s time to consider a Harley wheel bearing tool. Doing the job right means using a Harley Davidson wheel bearing puller or removal tool; the latter utilizes collars and a driver rod while push-puller legs are utilized on the former. Take the two-in-one route with a Harley wheel bearing puller and installer from Pit Posse Motorsports, or shop products from Bikemaster, JIMS, Motion Pro and more. All told, using a Harley bearing puller isn’t the worst job in the world but J&P can still lend a hand. Call 1-800-318-4823 or click here for Customer Service.